Course Type: Self-Paced Course
Estimated Time of Completion: Approximately 130 minutes
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German

The Intergraph Smart™ Licensing Client Training Series introduces a brand new way to license Hexagon PPM products. Freshly designed for 2019, your PPM software will no longer require the need for the previous SPLM or SmartPlant License Manager for each application you run. Welcome to Intergraph Smart™ Licensing via the Cloud!

This online training series takes you step by step through the process of installing, configuring, and working with the Intergraph Smart™ Licensing Client, as well as its online counterpart, the Intergraph Smart™ Licensing Portal.

First-time Users:
For new users of the Intergraph Smart Training Center, you may need to prepare your browser before starting. Please turn off your Pop-up blocker for this site and ensure you train using the recommended computer settings.

Multilingual Users:
New for year 2020, the Intergraph Smart Licensing training is now available in 4 different languages. Students may choose from the handy drop-down menu located just underneath the training video player Search field, or by clicking the CC icon on your specific browser video control bar. More languages will become available as translations are obtained.

Training Recommendations:

  1. Web Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (Latest versions)
  2. Screen Scaling: 100% DPI
  3. Resolution: 1920x1080 or higher

Getting Started:
Choose a session from the list below. It is recommended to undertake each session in order. If you are a general licensed user, you will only need to undertake the first four session materials. Any who wish to understand everything ISL has to offer, please review all eight sessions in the series.

Day One/Purchase Date | What to Expect: